Sugar Matters
February 19, 2013

It’s almost time again!

As I write this, we are only two weeks away from our next mission trip home. Oh my! How time flies. I can’t believe it has already been a year since our visit last March.{{more}}

As many of you know, the Patsy Douglas Youth Empowerment Foundation has brought a diabetes mission trip to SVG for the past four years. The Founder of this mission, AnnMarie Lee Wilkins, is a native Vincentian and has dedicated a huge part of her life towards helping others in some way or another, and this Foundation is an extension of her devotion to her homeland. I have been blessed to become a part of this mission and see it grow every year.

This year, we will continue seeing patients and sharing educational opportunities with staff at the clinics where we have visited in the past: Georgetown, Mespo, Layou and Bequia. This year we will also add a clinic in Chateaubelair, as well as plan on a health fair on Thursday, March 7. We are excited to have not only our returning medical members of the team, but also the new addition of a diabetes nutritionist to help expand the service and collaboration that we are able to bring to our health care colleagues and patients in St Vincent. As always, our focus is on diabetes control, preventive measures and lower limb examinations, towards decreasing the number of people who will eventually need a limb removed because of effects from diabetes.

Our trip this year will have an additional change. The Patsy Douglas Youth Empowerment Foundation has given inspiration to the start of a new sister organization, the Jones Foundation, named in honour of Chieftain and Joyce Jones, and Thelma Jones-Ramsetty. The Jones Foundation will direct its efforts towards the youngest that have been affected by diabetes, the children and young people in SVG who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As this will be out initial year, we hope to hear from family, patients and medical staff about how best we can serve.

So, mark your calendars!!! The mission trip’s visits to clinics start Monday, March 4th, with visits to Georgetown and Mespo. On Tuesday March 5th, we will be at Layou and Chateaubelair. On Wednesday, the 6th, we will be at the Bequia clinic. And Thursday, the 7th, will be dedicated to a health fair, details soon to come. Please do come out, we are excited to see all of you and are honoured to be a part of your medical care, along with your SVG-based medical teams who dedicate themselves to you every day of the year. See you soon!

Anita Ramsetty, MD

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

Tel: 843-798-4227