Sugar Matters
July 8, 2011

Life and diabetes week 3: Vacation!

This week, we approach the opposite of last week when we talked about stress. This week, in honor of Vincy mas, we discuss what happens when you actually take time to celebrate and relax!

In some ways you would expect that blood sugars may get better during vacation: you are more restful, you have time to THINK about taking care of yourself instead of running from home to work, back home again etc.{{more}} Less stress, should mean better blood sugars, yes? Well, sometimes. Let’s stop and think about what happens during vacation, whether or not you leave home:

You sleep and wake at different times than usual. Most of us sleep in at least a little bit more when we are on vacation. This in turn throws off usual timing for medications (aha! there is the issue!). In fact, lots of my patients forgot their medications more when on vacation than during regular workdays.

You eat differently. And drink more alcohol. This is not for everyone of course, but many people eat a ton more and gain weight during vacation times. For some it is the opposite: vacation is when they get to concentrate on exercise and they do quite well. But I think most people indulge during vacation times, so blood sugars get worse.

So I challenge you to use vacation time to put some attention truly on your health, while you relax and recuperate from busy work life. Don’t let vacation put you a step behind health wise.

Enjoy your holiday time off! Until next week, stay safe and healthy, Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

Tel: 843-798-4227