Sugar Matters
April 21, 2011
Meet your models

During the week of our diabetes mission, we were fortunate to meet several people who we just had to step back and say, wow, you are really doing an amazing job. In some cases, he/she was doing a fantastic job getting and keeping diabetes under control: A1C was great, the right shoes were being worn, doctor’s appointments were being kept.{{more}} Let me introduce you to two such people:

Lady A: We met this wonderful lady last year. She had enrolled in our study to monitor how she would progress from year to year in terms of foot problems, as well as diabetes control. Last year, she had come to clinic wearing gunslingers. She was not actively keeping track of her diabetes and had some big holes in her understanding of the disease itself. THIS year, oh my, what an amazing change! This lady returned to see us in clinic, WEARING CLOSED TOE SHOES THAT FIT PROPERLY. Her feet were in impeccable condition. She was able to answer many questions we asked, and in fact was invited to TEACH one of our sessions in clinic, because she herself was such an outstanding example of how someone could learn and take control of this disease. Her A1C was less than 7%, more testament to the fact that she is taking good care of herself and trying to keep her diabetes in check.

Gentleman B: We came upon this gentleman quite by accident during a spur-of-the-moment informal check in at an unplanned location during our week. Several employees turned up to have their feet examined and receive glucose meters etc. This gentleman, I am pleased to see, was an old family friend, and I was SO pleased just to see him. After catching up on old news, it turned to the immediate issues of his having diabetes. Having known this man for many years, I already knew him to be a dedicated, good man. But after our conversation about how he was trying to take care of not only himself but also a family member with diabetes, I was full of plain admiration for his incredible dedication. He does not make a huge salary, but if he needs his medication, and the pharmacy does not have it immediately, HE BUYS IT ELSEWHERE, instead of waiting 2 months for it to show up. He buys his own test strips for keeping an eye on his blood sugars, and had a working meter at home. He keeps his doctor’s appointments. He was wearing the right shoes. He had already changed his diet quite a bit. I was so proud to know this man!

So we salute you both, as examples of “regular” people, doing it everyday-taking care of yourself without giving up, using all the resources available, and taking CONTROL!

Until next week, stay safe and healthy, Vincies!

Anita Ramsetty, MD
Medical Director Endocrine Care Group
Tel: 843-798-4227