Sugar Matters
December 23, 2009
Deadly sin #1-Gluttony

I definitely picked a tough time of year to try preaching this one, didn’t I?

The truth is that for many of us, the holidays are an excuse to get extra greedy, and we claim it is “all in the spirit of celebration.” Interesting… I agree that eating with family and friends is social and wonderful, and definitely in the spirit of the holiday season. However, eating without regard to your health certainly is NOT in any way a celebration of anything good, is it? You know I am right on this, but some of you will continue being stubborn about it (wait until we get to that sin, later in a few weeks. Stubbornness is a killer too…). It will be tough to shake the well-ingrained idea that Christmas time is over-eating and over-drinking time, but you need to get your mind around this. I face the same challenge in the US when I speak to my patients about Thanksgiving, which comes in November. During this US holiday, the main idea is to be thankful for your blessings, including family, friends etc, and to discuss the history of Thanksgiving. But it can become quite focused on food with the usual plan that everyone gets full to the point of sickness on Thanksgiving Day. Not a good plan.

My challenge to you is this: think about what you are eating. No, really. Ask yourself these questions when you find yourself repeatedly putting food onto your plate or picking up food from the serving tray:

1) Am I really hungry? If the answer is no, put the food back.

2)Am I eating just because I am bored/nervous/shy/need something to do with my hands? If yes, put the food down and walk outside please. Or perhaps find a better option than your fourth piece of potato pudding: maybe some fruit, a glass of water, or some salad?

3) Am I eating because everyone else is eating and I don’t want to look rude? Or maybe I do not want to offend my hosts? This is a tough situation, but again, try to take small portions if you take seconds, and try to veer towards salads or fruits if possible. Be firm when you are full. DO NOT keep taking food because your host pushes it on you. In fact, this is quite rude of a host (take note all of you dinner party hosts-DO NOT force food on your guests. Offering food is good, but forcing is being rude).

4) How is my blood sugar doing with all this food? Yes, ask the question even if you are afraid to hear the answer. PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing to your body. You very well know the Pepsi/Coke is not what you should be drinking, so please put it down.

5) Will I regret this somehow tomorrow? The song is right: will you still love me tomorrow? Is overindulging really worth it? A small piece of cake, fine. Two big slices covered in icing, not fine, no matter how good the cake tastes.

Think on these things! Until next week, stay safe and healthy, Vincies! Enjoy those festivities (but not too much…)

l Anita Ramsetty, MD [email protected]

Medical Director Endocrine Care Group

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