Clinchers clinch Division 2 Netball title
NETBALL ACTION between Dutch Lady Clinchers and National Properties Netters at the Nutricia Netball Centre
May 5, 2023
Clinchers clinch Division 2 Netball title

Dutch Lady Clinchers last Friday, April 28, clinched the Division 2 Netball title with a 43/40 win over National Properties Netters at the Nutricia Netball Centre.

Six teams competed in this division of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association/ Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines-sponsored National Netball Tournament.

Clinchers were led by Meshanda Creese who scored 24 goals from 29 attempts, and Kenisha Francis with 19 goals from 24 attempts; while Zanique Vincent with 21 goals from 25 attempts, and Joeanna Christopher 19 from 26 scored for Netters.

Netters led at the end of the first quarter 10 – 8 in the division’s deciding game, and maintained their lead at the end of the second quarter 19 – 17. However Clinchers stormed back to score 15 goals in the third quarter to Netters’ 7, taking the lead 32 – 26, and went on to win 43 – 40. Clinchers scored 18 goals in the fourth quarter to Netters’ 14.

Meanwhile Maple 2 continue to lead in Division 3 with 10 points from 6 games played; followed by FOGSCO Country Blazers with 8 points from six matches. Total Ten Technologies Netters on 6 points from 4 matches played are in the third position.

In Division 4, in which seven teams are competing SVG General Services Maple lead with 8 points from five matches played; Sion Hill Sports Club 2 follow in second spot on 8 points from 4 matches played; and BSS Warriors currently are in the third position with 6 points from 5 matches played.

Mitres Elite lead with 4 points from two matches played in the Vita Malt-sponsored Male Division; X-Ceed Knights are in position number two on 2 points from the one match played; and Maca Crushers are in third position without a point from their three matches played to date.

Three matches are left to be played in Division 1 between On Trac X-Ceed 1 and Inter-Island Trading/DHL Mitres, each team being on 2 points having registered a victory apiece in the two matches played.

In the individual performances chart, Dorian Layne of Mitres Elite tops the shooting with the best average as of Friday, April 28 on 95.5 percent; followed by Maryann Frederick of On Trac X-Ceed 1 with 95.4 percent; and Akeil Bute of X-Ceed Knights third with 89.5 percent.

Also as of April 28, Zanique Vincent of National Properties Netters continue to be the shooter with the most goals-132; Meshanda Creese of Division 2 champions Dutch Lady Clinchers is second with a 130 goal tally; and Cherisa Toney of Maple 2 with 128 goals was the third leading shooter.