June 30, 2015
Primary school students lap up volleyball festival

Eighty students from the CW Prescod Primary and the Kingstown Preparatory were last Friday involved in a schools’ volleyball festival, which took place at the Grammar School Playing Field.{{more}}

Overseen by six coaches, including Sean Mc Kay, Luke Sim and Patrick Johnson from Canada, the activity proved to be a successful one.

The festival included short matches to get the feel of what volleyball entails; however, the main aim was for the students to have fun.

“It was awesome… The kids had a lot of fun,” Mc Kay concluded.

Assigned to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Volleyball Association for the past four months, Mc Kay said part of his mandate was to get the introductory programme for primary schools going.

Mc Kay noted that the sport is mainly played at the secondary schools’ level, hence the pursuance at an earlier age.

With the platform laid, Mc Kay whose terms also include putting the necessary personnel in place, hopes that the unearthing of new talent is done in a systematic way.

Meanwhile, Mc Kay will host a workshop this Wednesday with persons at the schools’ level to guide them in teaching the basics of volleyball.

Mc Kay’s stint here was made possible from a National Sport Structure Development grant from the National Olympic Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines.(RT)