June 16, 2015
Grassroot Tennis Club clearing/cleaning initiative shining

Anyone passing along Murray’s Road in the area between the Girls’ High School and the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Headquarters, would detect a marked change in the surroundings.{{more}}

Not only are the surroundings distinctly lighter, but the river is flowing with greater freedom, as much of the debris has been removed.

The gradual transformation of the area is taking place as a result of an undertaking by the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) with the assistance of other entities.

An extension of the GTC’s Bin It programme, the adoption of the river has become a beacon for the club.

Explaining the project, head of the GTC Grant Connell told SEARCHLIGHT, “Having transformed the left side of the entrance to town, we embarked on adjusting the other side so that the entire entrance to capital Kingstown could be changed.”

Looking down the road, Connell advanced: “Part of the project we envisage, could result in Vinlec, as a matter of posterity and advancement, shifting their line operations underground, which would not only allow trees to grow, but as a cost cutting measure during the hurricane season.”

Connell said thus far, their efforts have not only been rewarding, but revealing.

“When we started the fire to burn rubbish last weekend, there were so many rats that ran out of the dilapidated building which housed damaged televisions, it was amazing,” Connell noted.

“It was quite a sight just outside the Girls’ High School entrance, which is an issue that should have been addressed before, given the possible ramifications of having an abundance of those around and the institutions that are nearby,” Connell added.

Projecting a four to six-month duration before completion of the project, Connell spoke of the expertise sought.

“We got some kind assistance from Mr Cornelius Richards of the forestry division and we used their expertise in cutting the trees and guidance on the replanting process, which will commence soon, along with a bit of excavation.”

Looking ahead, Connell said the GTC is seeking the assistance of an excavator for speeding up the process.

“GTC will soon have a paint company join the good corporate citizens who are already on board with us and we will then be able to paint the four bridges along the river, starting with the bridge at the Girls’ High School,” the head of the GTC explained.

“Soon All Island Recycling (AIR) should join our effort and help get the message out… We have solicited the support of John and Denise Punnett of Mount William Estate Gardens for their assistance again …They contributed to the National Tennis Centre 10 years ago, by giving many small palms that now stand tall and help create the ambiance there … Hopefully those who can help will also offer to assist with the project,” he commented.

Connell said those who are moved by the efforts of the GTC and want to be part of the positive vibes, can call 494-8225, and lend their material support.

“It’s just about taking pride in your surroundings and it’s just an extension of the GTC and its efforts in contributing to the development of the society and people in general …It’s about community and what people can do to make St Vincent and the Grenadines that bit closer to paradise,” Connell concluded.(RT)