June 12, 2015
‘Be Fit Movement’ officially launched

When Lindon James began helping a few young women get in shape at the Arnos Vale Playing Field just about three years ago, little did he know that it would have emerged into something bigger.{{more}}

Using his knowledge acquired over the years, James, who is a St Vincent and the Grenadines and Windwards wicketkeeper, has given birth to the “Be Fit Movement.”

The movement was christened last Tuesday during a ceremony at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex.

James, in outlining the purpose of the movement stated that the objective of the movement is to ensure that individuals are “mentally and physically tough.”

He revealed that whilst it is a fitness programme, participants’ progress would be monitored, as a nutritionist is in place to periodically check their eating habits and make the necessary recommendations, if needs be.

Whilst membership of the Be Fit Movement by and large is free, James encouraged persons who want to be part of the activities to purchase the paraphernalia which would identify them as part of the group.

With most of the membership being female, James encouraged more men to get involved in the movement.

He noted that as the group moves forward, several challenges would become part of the programme, as the movement would not be confined to the Arnos Vale venue.

James listed: “beach training, hill training, hiking, especially going up to the Soufriere mountains, Vermont Nature Trail etc… We are going to do a lot of walking on the road.

“We also want to encourage people to work out at late evening…Then we will also have socials – picnics and other recreational stuff,” James projected.

The head of the Be Fit Movement added that his group plans to have “More outreach programmes involving the public sector and statutory organizations doing workout sessions with employees.”

Last Tuesday’s launch was also addressed by Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie, while Samantha Lynch spoke on behalf of the Division of Physical Education and Sports. Physiotherapist Denis Byam gave brief remarks at the launch. Byam will lend his expertise in-house.