May 22, 2015
Liberty Lodge boys back on tennis court

The residents of the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre are back on court, thanks to the efforts of the police.

After receiving their training in the sport, police corporals Loraine John and Dwayne Mc Kenzie and sergeant Meldon James are leading the vision through the Police Youth Club.{{more}}

The three officers are recent graduates of the Grassroot Tennis Club police training programme and put the boys through their routines and various drills on court. Corporal John explained that this is yet another way of the police connecting with the youth and that they have interacted with them in different sporting activities, such as soccer, cricket and athletics.

Director of Grassroot Tennis Club Grant Connell said he is inspired that police have taken on the task so quickly after graduating.

“… They can now put their skills to use, especially with these boys, who are in need of attention, love and discipline.

“…This truly shows the power of sport and what effect it can have on a society….”

He said what is happening is a perfect example of the police using sport to rebuild relationships in different areas of society that need it.

“I’m certain this programme is only the start of great things,” he noted.

Connell said the Petit Bordel Police Youth Club is the next police youth club expected to begin its tennis programme.(RT)