May 19, 2015
Young female athletes headline Hampton Games sojourn

Young female athletes will carry the charge of the St Vincent and the Grenadines team to the 2015 Hampton International Games, set for the Haseley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad, May 23 and 24.

Six of the country’s most promising female athletes have been selected.{{more}}

The six include Shantel Williams, Lafesha France, Darria Matthias, Zamesha Myle, Tamara Woodley and Zita Vincent.

France, Matthias, Myle, Woodley and Vincent will contest in events in the Under-16 category, while Williams has been registered in the Under-18.

According to a release from Team Athletics SVG: “This team comprises a significant Under-16 representation which is in keeping with TASVG’s strategy of identifying and providing competitive opportunities for the young talented athletes of this country.”

Apart from the six females, four male athletes were selected.

Twin brothers Reuberth and Reberto Boyde, along with Josh Hamilton and Courtney Bascombe have also been named. The Boydes are listed to run in the Under-20 sprint events and team up with Hamilton and Bascombe in the sprint relay.

“This Hampton Games also provide the opportunity for the senior athletes to make the standards for the Pan American Games scheduled for Canada later this year,” a release from Team Athletics SVG disclosed.

Besides the athletes, Rawlson Morgan and Pamenos Ballantyne are listed as coaches, with Rosmund Griffith – manager/chaperone.(RT)