May 5, 2015
SVGFF to fund trophies in Marriaqua Football League

Organizers of the various football leagues across St Vincent and the Grenadines can put their pots on the fire and be assured that their trophies would come from the coffers of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.{{more}}

The precedence for the across the board treatment came last Sunday at the opening of the 2015 Hairoun Beer Marriaqua Football League.

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Venold Coombs, speaking at the Cane End Playing Field, confirmed that the trophies in the Marriaqua League will be provided by his organization.

“Last tournament, we gave all the trophies; we gave balls and this tournament again we are going to give brother Dascent (Yosiah), all the winning trophies for you and we done start to provide balls,” Coombs announced.

True to form, Coombs remarked with assurance: “FIFA equipment and money belong to the players.”

The football head reminded the gathering that SVGFF, in the just concluded National Community Inter League Championships, gave each participating team $1,500 as start-up monies.

Teams and clubs in the National Club Championships are also in line for the $1,500 similar assistance, thanks to the SVGFF.

The 12 seeking honours in the Marriaqua league have been drawn in two groups.

Defending champions Greiggs One, Computec Cane End, Richland Park Pride and Joy, Carriere, Glenside Ball Blazers and All Saints University are in Group A, while Group B consists of Evesham, Mount Pleasant, Belmont, Greiggs Two, Downstreet, Freeland and Evesham.

In Sunday’s opening match, Greiggs One and Cane End played to a 1-1 draw.

Registering for Greiggs was Raffique Mc Dowald and for Cane End – Omar Thomas.

The winner of the senior division pockets $1,500; second place – $1,000 and third place – $500.

Apart from the senior component, an Under-17 division will take place, and organizers are asking those desirous of participating to contact them. (RT)