April 2, 2015
Corner Bar Double Trouble takes second round of Guinness Street Football Challenge

Corner Bar Double Trouble of Greiggs are the winners of the second round of the Guinness Street Football Challenge.

Corner Bar Double Trouble rose to the top during the Georgetown leg of the competition which was held last Saturday March 28 at the Chili Hard Court.{{more}}

Double Trouble consists of Captain Rafique McDowald, Gerrard Ashton, Dale Lewis, Etienne John, Keshorn Glasgow, Valdo Anderson and Oliver Johnson. They join Digicel Emily’s Strikers and Team Crew in the finals which takes place on Saturday May 30 at the National Tennis Centre in Villa.

A total of eight teams will do battle on May 30. The other teams will be chosen during the other set of games at the Rose Bank Hard Court on Friday April 10, the Calliaqua Hard Court on Saturday April 11, the Keartons Hard Court on Friday April 24, the Campden Park Hard Court on Saturday May 2 and the Bequia Hard Saturday Court on May 9.

Forms can be obtained from the St Vincent Brewery Ltd to Campden Park, the Brewery’s sales trucks and from local bars.

Last year, the local team, Team Crew placed third in the regional finals in Trinidad and as a result they have gained a pass to the 2015 finals of the local leg of the competition.

Teams that come out on top in the preliminary round will receive EC$500 and five cases of Guinness while the team that wins on the night of the finals will get EC$6000 and a chance to represent SVG in Jamaica at the regional finals which runs from June 27 to 28 this year.

Action begins at 6:00 pm on game day at the venues.

The tournament is being managed by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Association (SVGFA).

Teams must be registered in the name of a bar while registration fee is EC$40. Teams must comprise of seven players and a manager, four on the field of play at one time and team members must be 18 years or over. Females are also allowed to participate.