March 24, 2015
South Rivers’ basketball programme gets GECCU’s assistance

A three-day Basketball festival, set for the South Rivers Primary School hard court this Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, has received a financial leg-up from the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU).{{more}}

The festival is the product of a grassroots pilot project undertaken by Darwin Vanloo as part fulfilment of his International Coaching Enrichment Certification Programme.

Vanloo told SEARCHLIGHT: “During December, it was for the coaches’ education, and during January, it was the time for the players’ development, when the fundamentals of the sport were the main focus.”

Continuing the format of the three evenings, Vanloo outlined: “The players, just over 30 of them, between the ages of eight and 13, have been placed into three teams, all products of the programme … Each team will have a coach ….The same coaches who came out from the programme.”

He noted that the three-day festival was not the end of it all, as it is hoped that the South Rivers Progressive Organization (SORPO) would be able to help sustain the development of basketball in that community. Vanloo welcomed the input by GECCU, which he said would assist greatly in the provision of awards to the stand-out players and teams in the festival.(RT)