March 20, 2015
Llewellyn still running with synthetic track pursuit

Leroy Llewellyn, a former vice-president of Team Athletics SVG, wants to re-ignite the promise of a synthetic track for St Vincent and the Grenadines and further recommends that the Sion Hill Playing Field is the best location.{{more}}

Responding to an article in SEARCHLIGHT, in which physical education teacher at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School Godfrey Harry suggested that a practice synthetic track be placed at the Grammar School Playing Field, Llewellyn presented a different view.

“The ideal place to put a synthetic track is right here at Sion Hill … Putting down a track just for training is a waste of time in this day and age … What you need is a track for competition,” Llewellyn reasoned.

“The location of Sion Hill is ideal, as the majority of schools, especially secondary schools and the ones which are in training for athletics would find themselves there to train,” Llewellyn added.

Llewellyn, in putting forward his case, stated, “I am thinking down the road, I am not thinking tomorrow, When the airport at Argyle is complete, there will be no need for the ET Joshua airport, so with the Arnos Vale One and Two, the netball facility at Arnos Vale hangar turned into an indoor facility … So, we would have a multi-purpose complex.”

He dismissed some of the resistance which is coming from persons within the Sion Hill community, who oppose such a facility at the Sion Hill Playing Field. Llewellyn argued that the sport of cricket is no longer a staple among residents of Sion Hill.

“In the last 10 years, name me an accomplished cricketer that Sion Hill has produced… When last has Sion Hill produced a cricketer who have gone on to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines at any level?” Llewellyn questioned.

Llewellyn, in underlining the virtual disinterest in the sport in his community, noted that Sion Hill has not had a team in the national competition for the last three years and prior to that, when there was one, it was made up of players who reside outside of Sion Hill.

The lone representative cricket team under the Sion Hill banner is a masters outfit, which participates in the annual SVG Masters competition.

Making reference to a visit in 2012 to St Vincent and the Grenadines by Michael Tovar, a representative of Mondo track, Llewellyn thought the process should have gone further since.

“All the Government has to do is to identify an area, and financial assistance would be sought from the IAAF, the world governing body for athletics, easy as that … Once the land is provided, financial assistance would be provided,” Llewellyn assured.

“And, the time is right for them to so,” he concluded.