March 3, 2015
Pets and plants project blossoming at GTC

The Grassroot Tennis Club is at it again, this time with the pets and plant project.

An educational objective of the club, the project aims to focus on giving the pre-schoolers who are part of the weekly programme, a firsthand experience of plants and some animals.{{more}}

Speaking of the undertaking by the club, head coach Trevor Sam revealed: “We have over 100 almond tree plants and plumrose, also cedar tree plants, as well as black sugar apple …The idea is to continue to give children trees at end of term graduation of the Pine Hill Inter Pre-School competition…Plants will also be there if the public want at a minimal cost…hopefully similar ventures such as these in various communities where people can access slips of fruit trees from plumrose to hog plum in five years.

“Down the road, we are looking where there can be a glut of fruits in St Vincent and the Grenadines, making them more affordable and may then allow parents to choose fruit because of the price as an alternative snack for their children of today pack snacks,” Sam reasoned.

In relation to the housing of pets, Sam said, “We have sort of permission from the Ministry to house iguanas and agoutis, so the kids will know iguanas are not just to be held by the tail at the side of the road for sale and hunted.”

In keeping with the wildlife laws in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Sam said the animals, which were penned and domesticated at the club’s base at Murray’s Road were released to their natural habitat when the season started.

“We will also have a few fowls, so the children can see the process and when eggs are produced and even allow young ones to hatch, so they can see how long it actually takes for a chicken to grow…..We will have a farmer visit occasionally with a cow to show them where milk comes from and not from the supermarkets and shops’ shelves,” the GTC head coach advised.