February 24, 2015
Bethel High School track meet attains objectives

The deviation from the norm by the hierarchy of the Bethel High School to hold the school’s annual athletics championships in the afternoon into the evening, has been deemed a success.{{more}}

Assessing last Friday’s innovation, which took place at the Victoria Park, one of the physical education teachers at the institution — Theon Gordon — told SEARCHLIGHT, “We are very happy with the day’s events; the students worked hard and very well…. The public was able to see Bethel High School at its best… I hope that this innovation can be the catalyst for more from other sporting organizations in the country, as well as open the eyes of Vincentians to the possibilities and potential of sports.”

Gordon stated that one of the objectives of staging the meet at that time of the day was to give an opportunity to parents to see their children in competition.

Dubbed as a family outing, Gordon believed that was achieved as well.

Relating another of the pluses of the meet, Gordon said, “Many times we complain or cry, that this generation has no discipline or are very problematic, but through this event we have seen said students rally together, organize themselves, follow instructions and show their potential; maybe we, the ones in authority, could do more events or activities which may motivate them to be their best.”

Gordon underscored the support, foresight, management and love for the students of the school’s principal Miriam Pompey, which he thought gave that stamp of oneness to the initiative.

He lauded the staff’s support and willingness to work and make the event a success and the input of the corporate sector and others who made the event possible.

Support for the efforts of the Bethel High School came from Physical Education teacher of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School — Godfrey Harry.

“It was a good move… I support the innovation… It is something that other schools can look at and once they have the resources to do so, why not try it…” Harry commented.

He however thinks that the move, if it takes root, must be continuously monitored.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that last Friday’s Bethel High School athletics meet was incident- free. (RT)