February 17, 2015
Langley Park man earns spot in finals of Guinness Pool Tournament

Camilus Pitt has finally made it into the finals of the Guinness Pool Tournament.

Pitt emerged winner in the fifth round of the competition, which began last Friday night, February 13 at Big City Life Bar in Richland Park and ended at around 6 a.m. Saturday, February 14.{{more}}

Pitt, who hails from Langley Park and had tried his luck at three other venues but was unsuccessful, pulled out all the stops during the fifth round, defeating New Montrose resident Dygo Sergeant in the final game.

Both men emerged superior out of a group of 34 other hopefuls on game night.

Pitt says that he has been playing pool for about 23 years now and was trying to get into the finals since the competition began at Drop Off in Sans Souci on Saturday, January 24.

“I’m just happy that I reach this far now. This win is dedicated to my fiancé Jade Oughton who was my motivation,” said Pitt after beating Sergeant in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

He added that the competition “is a good initiative, as it highlights the talent in the country.

“Pool is a very relaxing game. When you need a relief, pool is good,” said Pitt.

Meanwhile Sergeant, who has been playing pool since he was 12 (he is now 48), said that he felt bad, having lost in the finals, but he is not giving up the fight.

Meanwhile, another regular in the competition, Tex Franklyn, won the sixth leg of the tournament, which was held at Aza DaSilva’s Bar in Troumaca on Saturday, February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Franklyn, who like Pitt has taken part in three legs of the competition, beat Philmon Robertson on Saturday night.

Franklyn said that he is extremely happy that he has made it into the finals at last.

The tournament continues at the Police Canteen in Kingstown this Friday, February 20 and moves to Bequia on Saturday, February 21. The games begin at 8 p.m.

To enter the tournament, persons will have to go to the various venues during game time (8 p.m.) and purchase three Guinness beverages. On purchasing the drinks, you are automatically entered in the round of competition and will play three games against an opponent. The overall winner from that particular venue goes on to the finals which is scheduled for February 28 at a venue to be determined.

During the finals, 10 persons will compete for EC$5,000. The winner of each preliminary round gets EC$500.

The other persons into the finals so far are Alson Barker, Osmond ‘Ozzie’ St Hillaire, Edmund Branch and Oseah Thompson.