February 17, 2015
Hooper and Thorpe repeat feats at TSSS track meet

The pair of Kerina Hooper and Rogike Thorpe were again the Victor and Victrix Ludorum respectively, when the Thomas Saunders Secondary School staged its Athletics Championships last Tuesday at the Victoria Park.{{more}}

Repeating the feat they achieved in the 2013 edition of the championships, Hooper, representing St Hill House, tallied 57 points, to be crowned Senior Girls Champion, while Thorpe of Saunders House, compiled 38 points, to also win the Senior Boys award.

Both were also responsible for two of the individual records which were broken on Tuesday.

Hooper in the 800m, put the new mark to two minutes 32.62 seconds from the previous two minutes 34.41 seconds, while Thorpe in the 60m did 6.89 seconds. The prior record stood at 6.98 seconds.

The other record to have fallen on the day of the championships was set by St Hill House in the Senior Boys 4 x 400m, as the 4 minutes 14.17 seconds came down to 3 minutes 53.56 seconds.

Before last Tuesday, Hooper erased the old mark of 5 minutes 40.66 seconds in the 1500m to 5 minutes 38. 44 seconds and in the 3000m, Hooper rewrote the books, clocking 12 minutes 04.00 seconds. The previous record stood at twelve minutes 11.04 seconds.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Robertson of Jones House is the new holder of the girls’ 100m record, which now stands at 12.96 seconds from 12.97 seconds.

She was also responsible for shaving off the 200m record, with the new established time of 26.62 seconds, bettering the 27.02 seconds.

Robertson’s achievements were completed during the heats, which took place at the Grammar School Playing Field.

Taking the Junior Girls Champion award was Kristiana Christopher of Jones House and the Junior Boys Champion was Kevin Noel of St Hill House. Christopher scored 33 points and Noel – 31.

Zamesha Myle of St Hill with 40 points topped the Intermediate Girl title, with Derald Samuel of Sunders House 30 points, being the Intermediate Boys Champion.

Saunders House was the overall winner with 921 points; second was the 2014 winners – St Hill, with 917 points. Taking the third place was Jones House – 832 points and fourth was Webb House with 646 points.