January 20, 2015
Pavilion at Campden Park to be attended to early this year – Minister

Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil McKie has given the assurance that the pavilion at the Campden Park Playing Field will be looked after during the first quarter of this year.

McKie disclosed this to SEARCHLIGHT last Friday at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.{{more}}

He admitted that the process took longer than expected, noting that the original intention to also attend to other areas of the facility has been put back.

“We have scaled down on the original plans, but the pavilion remains priority …It will be completely torn down and rebuilt,” McKie said.

“The process is moving on and we could see some work being done during the first tranche of this year,” the government minister added.

The Campden Park Playing Field pavilion has been an issue for some time now, especially for persons in the South Leeward area.

At the opening of the All Leeward Football Competition, just over two weeks ago, the matter was again raised by president of the South Leeward Sports Association Paul Boucher, whose concerns were vented in the January 6 edition of this publication.

McKie, whilst admitting that the pavilion is in a deplorable state, opined that part of its deterioration was due to some “poor construction.”

He revealed that the Campden Park Playing Field pavilion is among other sporting facilities which are earmarked for attention during this period.

“Some work would be done on Hope Playing Field, Cumberland, Buccament, with extensive work set out for the Chilli Playing Field,” Mc Kie concluded with some assurance.(RT)