January 16, 2015
SVGCA reveals new national selection policy

Anyone wishing to be the captain of any representative St Vincent and the Grenadines team must have a diverse background.

This is one of the conditions contained in the new selection policy unveiled by the Kishore Shallow led executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association.{{more}}

According to the selection policy made available to SEARCHLIGHT: “Captains should have a versatile background possessing the following: Experience (playing the game at this specific level); Skills ((cricketing ability), Academic background (should be educationally inclined)”.

The condition applies to all teams: senior men and women, as well as the Under-15 and Under-19 male outfits.

It is also the task of the two panels to nominate the captains and vice-captains of all four teams.

Meanwhile, 24 players must comprise the training squads of the senior male and female teams, with the Under-15 and Under-19’s assigned 30 players.

In the case of the Under-19’s, all Under-15 players selected to the Windwards Under-15 team must be included in the trial squad.

And, for the senior teams, at least three Under-19 players should be included in the training squads. Furthermore, all squads must be selected three months prior to the regional tournament, with the final teams known at least two weeks before representation.

However, on naming the senior men’s and women’s team, four reserves must be identified, while for the Under-15 and Under-19, five.

Critical to the process, the chair of each selection panel should communicate with players, and provide feedback on their selection or non-selection.

Likewise, the chair should do the same and provide feedback to the executive of the SVGCA on players upon request.

Running across the board of all teams, selection of players is also dependent on fitness and performance in local and regional tournaments, trial matches, attendance at training, as well as participation in other programmes hosted or endorsed by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association.

According to the release: “The purpose of the selection policy is to provide consistency in the approach for reviewing and selecting players, and clearly communicate policy and process to stake- holders.”

The SVGCA has outlined that it is the expectation that all teams would win their various competitions, with players seeking to advance to the Windwards teams, then progressing to the West Indies.

The new policy took effect this month, and is in alignment with the Strategic Plan of the SVGCA for 2015 to 2017.

Not cast in stone, the policy will be reviewed on an annual basis. (RT)