January 2, 2015
TASVG effects national selection policy

Effective yesterday, January 1, the governing body for track and field, road and cross country running, Team Athletics SVG, has instituted policy guidelines for selection to national representative teams.{{more}}

According to the policy, even if athletes meet the qualifying times and distances for the various events, selection is not guaranteed.

Contingent on selection is the athlete’s discipline, according to a release from general secretary of Team Athletics SVG Tyrone James.

In determining the level of personal discipline of the athlete, previous tour experience, attendance and attitude at training sessions, as well as respect for authority, other athletes and camaraderie with peer athletes will be considered.

Additionally, the athletes’ medical status, their participation in Team Athletics SVG mini meets and the availability of funding are other prerequisite conditions.

In explaining the policy, James told SEARCHLIGHT: “Team Athletics SVG, like any contemporary organization, from time to time, reviews its operations with the intent of improving its services to its client base…The present Team Selection Policy is a codified copy of selection practices that TASVG has perfected over the years.

“While the standards were well established and employed, the need to document the process was recognized for some time, but was only recently completed,” James added.

The Team Athletics SVG general secretary noted that the Selection Policy was approved at an Executive Meeting held December 23, last year.

Other criteria for selection state that the athlete must be a citizen of St Vincent and the Grenadines or in the case of events where citizenship is not required, the athlete must meet the residency or other requirements of the specific event, he or she must have participated in the national championships as per their respective categories.

The time standards and the other conditions are geared at participation in the CAC Age Group Championships, the CARIFTA Games, the CAC Junior Championships, the Pan American Junior Championships, NACAC Under 23 Championships and the OECS Track and Field Championships.

And, Vincentian athletes must achieve the minimum qualifying standards established by the IAAF for World Youth Championships, World Junior Championships, World Indoor Championships, World Outdoor Championships, and the minimum qualifying standards established by the National Olympic Committee for the Commonwealth Youth Games, Youth Olympics, CAC Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games.

TASVG has underscored that the qualifying times and distances must be attained in competitions approved by the local governing body for the sport.(RT)