December 9, 2014
65 children participate in Bequia open water swim clinic

The Swimming Federation of St Vincent and the Grenadines grassroots programme is dedicated to developing swimming as a national sport. For the past two weeks in Bequia, a swim clinic was hosted by American coach Kara Randall.{{more}} Some 65 children attended the open water swim clinic and up to 7 trainee coaches. The aim of the programme was not only to develop the strokes of swimmers but to develop the trainee coaches to sustain a long term swim development programme in Bequia.

The Kara Randall open water swim clinic builds on the work started by the Mustique Charitable Trust sponsored grassroots swim programme of the Federation.

The Clinic was sponsored in large measure by Action Bequia and the Moonhole Company, and in particular Chris Thompson and Amos Eno. Also friends of Kara Randall donated funds to the clinic. The Clinic’s success was due mainly to Kara’s enthusiasm but also the support of Sabrina Mitchell, Tauran Ollivierre, Larry Compton and Louise Mitchell Joseph.

Kara has handed the mantle of coaching over to Tauran Ollivierre who will spearhead the continuation of the programme with practices every Sunday.