November 21, 2014
‘Tennis for Hope’ realizes more for SVG Medical Association

The annual input by the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) towards aiding the cause of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Medical Association has realized $6,000, which represents an increase of $1,000 over last year’s efforts.{{more}}

And, last Sunday, the funds were handed over to the head of the association at a ceremony held at the Haddon Hotel courts at Murray’s Road – home of the GTC.

The donation has come through Tennis For Hope, with the GTC initiating the effort by the sale of T-shirts and a barbecue, and aided by significant contributions of Sunsail and Tradewinds.

Ambrose expressed her appreciation on behalf of the association for the club’s efforts and the increase from the $5,000 donation they made last year.

Grant Connell, director of GTC, thanked the sponsors Tradewinds and Sunsail and the efforts of Simon Carey.

Connell said Carey is no stranger to the island and his support for the development of sport and the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines in general, is well known.

The GTC head also thanked those who bought the T-shirts and supported the barbecue, as well as Cynthia Mathews of Tyndale Tent Rentals, Belair, who assisted the club in providing a tent and chairs, given the inclement weather which prevailed last Sunday.

An optimistic Connell said the club is exploring the possibility of having a top international female player participate in the event.(RT)