November 18, 2014
SVG Masters Cricket nears elimination phase

The preliminary round of the SVG Masters Twenty/20 Cricket Competition is nearing the elimination phase.

Following last weekend’s rained out matches, the sky has cleared for some teams, as progress to the next round is almost a certainty.{{more}}

Heading up Zone A is Stanley Browne’s Stubbs and North East, who are both on 18 points from five matches. Both have a match in hand.

Sitting in third place is St Vincent Cooperative Bank Ptani on 14 points from six matches.

Computec Belfongo, Bequia and Kirk Da Siva’s La Croix are all on six points. La Croix, though, have completed their six matches, while Belfongo have one match pending and Bequia – two.

The other team in the zone is Cato’s Heavy Equipment Glamorgan, on four points from five matches.

Meanwhile, Sion Hill is perched at the top of Zone B on 18 points from their maximum six matches, while RSVG Police is on 14 points from five matches. Defending champions – LOG Enterprises Kingstown have 12 points and Carlos James North Leeward – 10 points.

Police and Kingstown have one match outstanding and North Leeward – two.

Completing the zone are Henny Penny on eight points from five matches; Pastures are on four points from five matches and Metrocint General Insurance Richards Masters are at the bottom, on two points from four matches.

The top four teams from the two zones advance to the quarter-finals.

In action this Saturday will be North East and Belfongo at Park Hill from 2 p.m., while three matches are carded for Sunday.

At Buccament from 10 a.m., RSVG Police take on Richards Masters and from 2 p.m., North Leeward and Kingstown do battle.

At the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Bequia, Glamorgan opposes the host team.(RT)