November 14, 2014
Ballantyne registers maiden win in Sion Hill Sprint

Pamenos Ballantyne made good of his third attempt in the LOG Enterprises Sion Hill Sprint, as he won the event for the first time.{{more}}

The calendared road race, staged by the Road Racing and Cross Country Commission of Team Athletics SVG, saw Ballantyne, running under the Chatoyer banner, clocking 14 minutes 25.63 seconds, ahead of the two previous winners – Junior Ashton in 2012 and Meshach Dublin in 2013.

Ashton was second in 14 minutes 36.64 seconds and Dublin finished third in 14 minutes 43.07 seconds. Both Ashton and Dublin represented X-Cel Sports Academy.

As expected, in the Over-19 female category, Linda Mc Dowald was first.

Mc Dowald, of IT-DAT, clocked 16 minutes 46.55 seconds, before readying herself for the airport en route to Mexico as part of the St Vincent and the Grenadines team to the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games.

Second in the Over-19 female category was Allie Smith in 20 minutes 49.33 seconds and third was X- Ceed’s Sheva Butcher in 22 minutes 26.84 seconds.

In the Over-40 Veterans’ female segment, Samantha Lynch was the lone entrant.

Taking the male Veterans’ first place was Caswin Prince, in a time of 16 minutes 43.93 seconds; second was Joonyah Garrick – 20 minutes 37.49 seconds; and Great Head’s Walford Mc Kie was third in 21 minutes 22.07 seconds.

Akani Slater ran away with the male Under-19 category in 15 minutes 12.41 seconds, ahead of Ryan John in 15 minutes 18.23 seconds and third- Slyford Lampkin in 16 minutes 32.97 seconds, as IT-DAT repeated the Byera Hill race, by copping the top three places.

Among the Under-19 females, Onique Woods of Great Head steered clear of her peers, to win in 21 minutes 15.80 seconds. Jewel Harris, also of Great Head, was second in 21 minutes 21.07 seconds and third was IT- DAT’s Soreyna Miller in 22 minutes 00.89 seconds.

Newman Peters of the St Martin’s Secondary School collected the first place in the male Under-15, as his 17 minutes 11.56 seconds was the best among his competitors. Docking in second was Truloni Mc Kenzie in 17 minutes 23.18 seconds and third was Mocasa Bowman in 17 minutes 44.80 seconds, as the St Martin’s Secondary School swept that category.

X-Ceed Sports Club’s Odesha John, as she did in the Byera Hill race last month, won the female Under-15 segment. Her time was 20 minutes 05.27 seconds. Second was Zita Vincent of the Central Leeward Secondary School in 20 minutes 12.01 seconds and IT-DAT’s Shanelle Lampkin placed third in 22 minutes 19.79 seconds.

The race started at the Sion Hill Intersection, heading to Cane Garden, passing Sailor Cycle Centre, turning right onto Sharpe Street, then left onto Granby Street, right again onto Murray Road and back to the Sion Hill Intersection where the race finished. The next event on TASVG’s calendar will be the 5K, starting at 3 p.m. from Rose Hall and finishing at the Petit Bordel Playing Field.

This race is set for this Sunday, November 16.(RT)