November 11, 2014
Bethel High on repeat path in schools’ netball

GTM Bethel High, for the second year in a row, will contest the Junior and Senior finals of the Secondary Schools’ Netball Competition.{{more}}

And, they would be looking to complete hat trick in the Junior Division and retain the senior crown. In the Junior Division, Bethel will square off with the Central Leeward Secondary for the third successive time. And in the Senior Division, the Bethel High School will square off against Fast Cash Emmanuel High Mespo.

The teams advanced to the finals, following the semi-finals last Wednesday.

Bethel overcame Georgetown 26-8 in the juniors and saw off St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua 56-36 in the seniors.

Meanwhile, Central Leeward recorded a 19-10 win over Sandy Bay in the other half of the junior semis, and Emmanuel High Mespo edged out Central Leeward, 27-25 to set up the senior finals.

Bethel High are the defending champions in both divisions.

In last year’s finals, Bethel High left the Central Leeward Secondary empty-handed in both divisions.

The junior outfit won 31-24 and the seniors registered a 44-36 triumph over their rivals.

Like the netballers of the Bethel High, the school’s football teams are seeking to emulate them, as they too are in the semi-finals of the Under-16 and Senior Divisions of their competitions.(RT)