October 17, 2014
Ashton trumps in Byera Hill road race

Junior Ashton took the top spot, last Sunday, in the open male category of the LOG Enterprises Langley Park to Byera Hill road race, put on by the Road Racing and Cross Country Commission of Team Athletics SVG.{{more}}

Running under the banner of X-Cel, Ashton clocked 15 minutes 51.12 seconds and was trailed by Caswell Lewis of IT-DAT in 15 minutes 55.98 seconds and third Chatoyer’s Josnel Ashton in 16 minutes 11.94 seconds.

This category was without Pamenos Ballantyne and Meshach Dublin, who were in Guadeloupe to participate in that island’s 10K road race.

Likewise, in the open female category, Alicia Cox of X-Cel cashed in on the absence of Linda Mc Dowalll, who was also in Guadeloupe on national duties, winning in 26 minutes 28.25 seconds.

Cox was the lone competitor in that age group.

And, Samantha Lynch, representing the Department of Sports, took the females veteran title in 26 minutes 03.94 seconds.

The other segments contested were the Under-19 and Under-15, for both males and females.

Taking the Under-19 male was Kimani Peters in 17 minutes 00.28 seconds; Akani Slater was second in 17 minutes 02.74 seconds and third place was Kellornie Howe in 17 minutes 49.52 seconds, which saw IT-DAT taking the top three places.

Kerina Hooper of the Thomas Saunders Secondary placed first in 21 minutes 11.50 seconds, to run away with the females’ Under-19 top place. She was followed by Soreyna Miller and Tara Joseph, in 23 minutes 42 .53 seconds and 25 minutes 45.19 seconds, respectively.

Both Miller and Joseph represented IT-DAT.

The Under-15 male winner was Newman Peters of the St Martin’s Secondary School in 18 minutes 16.53 seconds. Alpheus Medica of the Georgetown Secondary was second in 23 minutes 33.33 seconds and Kosnel Skerritt of the Buccament Bay Secondary School placed third in 23 minutes 33.56 seconds.

In the females Under-15, X-Ceed Sports Club’s Odesha John won in 26 minutes 27.97 seconds.

She was followed by Shanelle Lampkin of IT-DAT in 26 minutes 37.11 seconds and Aalyah Jordan of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School placed third in a time of 30 minutes 03.94 seconds.

Being one of the sponsored events, last Sunday’s race saw all the top finishers receiving monetary rewards.

This Sunday though, the calendar returns to the community races, which sees Bequia hosting a 5K run.

The race, which is set to commence at 3p.m., takes place from Paget Farm to the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Port Elizabeth. (RT)