September 26, 2014
Police Co-operative Credit Union sponsors ‘Bonhomme Stars’ football team

The Police Co-operative Credit Union (PCCU) continues in its quest to assist in developing and nurturing the minds of the youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

To this end, the PCCU is pleased to have sponsored the ‘Police Credit Union Bonhomme Stars’, a rural football team, to participate in the Stubbs Under 17 Football Competition. This sponsorship covers the purchasing of team uniforms.

“The young men and women of our nation needs continued guidance and mentorship to aid in their holistic development; sports undoubtedly is just one of the avenues that can propel our youths in this direction. Hence, the Police Co-operative Credit Union is ecstatic in helping to create that avenue for the youths of our nation,” said Junior Simmons, president of the PCCU.