September 23, 2014
Simply fantastic finale for gaming fans at Gamerz La Liga

Gamerz La Liga, which concluded on Saturday at the Epic Sports Bar, top floor Computec building, has been described as “simply fantastic.”{{more}}

“The final rounds were the hardest fought gaming I’ve ever seen and encountered, as the remaining competitors gave it their all to try and win glory and claim the right to be called Gamerz La Liga champ 2014,” one participant said.

The round of 16 went by quickly with reduced time and some incredible gameplay by all, but finally it was the quarter-final rounds which saw Real Madrid knocked out in a shocker by 3-0 and Sporting Gijon progress.

Following this, an epic clash between Gamerz (number 2 ranked) Cameron Athletic Bilbao vs Chester Keil (number 4) Atletico Madrid a resounding 4-0 win for Atletico Madrid. Soon after was it was Gamer Deron’s Real Valladollid vs Chester Keil second team Espanol. This led to a 3-0 victory, which now put both Chester’s teams into the semi-finals stage. Gamer CEO Al Miguel team Zaragoza took on the mighty Kervin Ryans Barcelona. It was a fierce tactical battle; both sides’ defenses were breached on several occasions and Al took an early 1-0 lead and held this lead into the second half, when Barcelona Winger Lionel Messi breached his defence and equalized. Extra time was needed and after all that it went to penalties; Real Zaragoza victors 3-1.

It was a Gamerz double team classic as both Al and Chester’s selected teams made the semi-final rounds, which saw both Al Miguel’s teams knocked out, as his Real Zaragoza lost 2-0 Vs RCD Espanyol and Sporting Gijon crushed by Atletico Madrid 3-0, both competitors created numerous chances and clever game play which had the viewing public glued to the flat screen monitors.

So, another amazing development followed, as it was both Chester Keils teams into the finals. Under the rules he has several options: either forfeit the result of the team he nominates as second best, simulate the game, invite a tournament competitor to the gameplay, or an open public invitational challenge. He chose the latter, and an experienced Fifa Gamer stepped forward from the audience.

It was then ‘Richards’ RCD Espanyol vs Chester Keil Atletico Madrid. The challenger did an outstanding job defensively and frustrated Chester throughout the game 0-0 it was not until the last eight minutes of the second half when Chester belted a long range shot, some 35 yards outside the penalty area. It flew into the top right corner of the goal, a magnificent finish which stunned everyone present. So, the finals ended 1-0 in favour of Atletico Madrid – Chester Keil jr Club Gamerz International Gamerz La Liga Champion 2014!

Club Gamerz now concentrates on a Mega Gaming, World Cup style event, which will include a Fifa (football) World Cup, International Cricket World Cup and Gamerz Racing Championship events; this will also include some live entertainment in the form of singing and dancing.

The organizers thanked their sponsors: Multigraphics for producing the great backdrop; Cell World for assisting with promotions; T-Shirt Store for supplying T-shirts; Property SVG for supplying equipment; Otec Computer Services for technical support; Club Gamerz Tech team, Office Essentials and all others who assisted and contributed towards making the Gamerz La Liga tournament successful.