September 9, 2014
Business houses to trade in table tennis skills again

Representatives from several business houses here are primed to commence trading shots across the green tables from this evening at the West St George Secondary School.{{more}}

This, as the St Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association hosts its second annual exercise aimed at promoting camaraderie among workers at the various enterprises.

And, in an a effort to ensure a greater competitiveness, whilst keeping the fun aspect intact, the organisers are once again debarring current and former national players from participating.

The ruling did not go down well with the 2013 singles champion Alonzo Primus.

After trumping Davon Cato in straight sets, 11-7, 11-5, 11-8, in last year’s finals, Primus had indicated to SEARCHLIGHT that he would have appreciated and craved some stiffer competition, as it was all too easy for him.

Primus, who also pouched the Most Valuable Player award, said then that it was incongruous not to allow players who no longer represent St Vincent and the Grenadines and who have no intention of doing so again, to compete in the tournament, which is mainly geared for those who play casually.

But his plea has gone unnoticed as the 2014 edition will be staged under the same conditions.

Computec/Third Eye Security pouched the team title, with the pair of Collin Cambridge and Davon Cato topping the doubles.

Following this evening’s opening, the tournament is slated to shut up shop on September 20.(RT)