September 9, 2014
Add sports and culture too – Sports Director

Education has long been touted as the surest way out of poverty, but director of Sports and Physical Education Nelson Hillocks has proffered sports and culture as other pathways.{{more}}

Hillocks’ edict came as he addressed an appreciation ceremony at Frenches House recently, for the athletes who used their talents to see St Vincent and the Grenadines to fourth place in the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) Games in Trinidad and Tobago.

“In this hard, tough economic times, small poor countries like us that are vulnerable, we have to look to the arts, culture and sports to take us out of poverty…that’s another sure way.”

The sports director, in affirming that education is still important, advised the athletes primarily: “Education – youths, I want you (to) study your work too, but sport and culture, the arts – they can take us out of poverty also.”

Hillocks reiterated that there is a myriad of lucrative career opportunities that can be achieved by getting involved in sports.

Addressing the parents and guardians, Hillocks insisted that they: “Continue to support the athletes… Go with them when they have to train… Ensure you are there to cheer them on…Make the little sacrifice here and there, by providing the necessary supplements.”

Hillocks also had some words to the principals: “I want to urge the principals here, that (you) share the money evenly and put some in sports … Buy some balls, buy some gear, buy some equipment for the students, so that they can get to hone their skills.”

The sports director, in addition, challenged the athletes to give the various agencies reason to find the financial means to send a contingent to the next CUT Games, set for Tortola in the British Virgin Islands in 2016.

Hillocks told the athletes that they must do so by performing well at their various track and field meets, leading up to the next biennial games.(RT)