TBPO softball cricket competition playing for bigger monies
September 2, 2014

TBPO softball cricket competition playing for bigger monies

Teams participating in the 2014 National Lotteries Authority Top Belair Progressive Organisation Twenty/20 softball cricket competition, are due for increased prize monies, which in some instances would see a one hundred per cent hike.{{more}}

Speaking at the opening ceremony of this year’s competition at the Dauphine Playing Field, Ashford Wood, head of the organising committee announced: “This year, we have decided that we are going to up the prizes: The first place in 2014 would receive $3,000 … The second place team will receive $2,000… The third place team would receive $1,000 and the fourth place team would receive $ 500.”

Wood’s announcements drew loud applause from the teams present, who were gleeful for the upping of the ante.

When the competition was staged in 2013, the winners, Simple Boys gained – $2,000 and the second place- CGM Novice got $1,000 and the third place outfit – Gomea Bombers received $750.00.

Wood, who claimed that organised softball cricket competition was started under the TBPO banner over 30 years ago, noted that the increase in prize monies was not done to rival other softball competitions.

Instead Wood proffered, “We owe to teams that when they come and perform, their rewards must be in line with their performance.”

Apart from pumping in more in the cash awards for the top performing teams, Wood disclosed that another amendment to the 2014 competition would be an increase in the time allotted as “grace period”.

“We are extending the grace period from 15 to 30 minutes,” Wood said.

He stated that this has become necessary because of the late arrival of teams in some instances.

“Any time a team cannot field a team after 30 minutes, the game automatically goes to the other team,” Wood emphasized.

Wood also declared that the domino competition, which is normally held in conjunction with the softball cricket competition, has been shelved for 2014 because of the temporary housing of the Liberty Lodge training centre at the Dauphine Community Centre.

Twenty teams are slated to contest this year’s edition. (RT)