August 19, 2014
Marriaqua set for another playing field

Jolted by the growing demand for more sporting facilities in the Marriaqua Valley, the relevant authorities are soon to answer the call.{{more}}

Hence, an additional facility will be built at Riley.

Parliamentary representative for the Marriaqua constituency Girlyn Miguel made this disclosure as she addressed the opening of the Hairoun Beer Kirk Da Silva Marriaqua Football Competition last Sunday afternoon at the Cane End Playing Field.

Having already identified the site, Miguel confirmed: “If we are to continue sports, and have to continue sports in a wonderful way, we need to find a new piece of land …. I am happy to tell you that I have found that piece of land, which is over at Riley …. It is flat. … We have paid $153,000 for it… We want to have a full-size playing field.”

Miguel, in further making the claim for a larger playing field, contended: “In Richland Park it is small… Here in Cane End it is small, but we are striving now to have a full-fledged field for the youths of Marriaqua.”

The parliamentary representative added that the Cane End Playing Field has suffered from erosion over the years, because it was excavated from a relatively high mound, in order to get the surface area.

Both the Richland Park and Cane End playing fields were among several upgraded under the Social Investment Fund programme during 2008 and 2010.

The Richland Park facility was widened; re-grassed and had a hard court added.

Among the upgrades done to the Cane End playing field were the grassing of field, installation of some drains, the refurbishing of an existing pavilion, the erection of a structure which houses a bar, store room, toilets, and gallery to seat officials, as well as work on the perimeter fence, including the gates.

The Cane End playing field has over the years acquired the names “dust bowl” and “the Sahara Desert,” as it was and still is, in some areas, devoid of grass. (RT)