August 8, 2014
SVGNA to host healthy lifestyles summer programme

Participants in the 2014 SVG Netball Association Lime 4G annual Netball Youth Summer Programme will this year get the opportunity to learn about the adoption of healthy lifestyles as the Caribbean Healthy Lifestyles Programme (CHLP) partners with the SVG Netball Association in its 2014 summer programme.{{more}}

The programme which was originally scheduled to begin last Monday, August 4, will now begin on Monday, August 11, at the Kingstown Netball Centre, from 9 a.m. It will run for one week.

In addition to healthy lifestyles, the programme will also focus on the development of the sport and ensuring its sustainability through the youths. Young participants will be taught the fundamentals of the game, the rules of the game, understanding the court and playing positions, among other things.