August 5, 2014
Stubbs football league off and kicking

Eighteen teams have registered for the 2014 Hairoun Beer South East Development Inc Inter- Community competition, which opened last Sunday afternoon at the Stubbs Playing Field.{{more}}

Contesting Group A are Stubbs Rangers, Brighton Star Blocks, Street Ballers, SLR Royal Saints, GTM Prospect United, Richland Park Pride and Joy, Brighton Veterans, Diamond United and Street Kickers.

In Group B are Stubborn Youths, Glenside Ball Blazers, Access Network Choppins, Bonhomme Ghetto Stars, SV United, Caledonia FC, Volcanoes, Carapan Fc and Ball Rollers.

The opening heard addresses from president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Association Venold Coombs; president of SEDI Rosita Snagg; director of Physical Education and Sports Nelson Hillocks; FIFA development officer Howard Mc Intosh and parliamentary representative for South Windward Frederick Stephenson.

All speakers commended SEDI’s hard work and stressed that area competitions are essential build-ups for national football development.

In the exhibition match which followed, the Stubbs Combined team beat Campdonia-Chelsea 5-4 on kicks from the penalty spot after both teams ended nil-nil.

GTM Calliaqua is the defending league champion, while Brighton Star Blocks are the reigning knock out winners.

Matches in tournament will be played daily at the Stubbs Playing Field. (RT)