July 18, 2014
System 3 sports academy vacation programme goes scientific

A scientific approach towards assessing participants’ capacity is being taken in the vacation programme conducted by System 3 sports academy.{{more}}

The programme, which operates at the Grammar School Playing Field, is placing focus on bio mechanics.

Carrying out this aspect of the programme is Ozari Williams, who is a student at the International School of Sports and Physical Education in Cuba.

Williams, who is into his third year of a four year stint in Cuba, explained to SEARCHLIGHT, in an interview on Wednesday, the reason behind the focus on bio-mechanics.

“This year, I came home with a project, because I want to find out more of the bio- mechanics of the athletes, train and teach them proper mechanics, using camera technology and a computer software programme… We record the athletes while running then show and do the necessary corrections,” Williams explained.

Employing his training and knowledge, Williams added: “In the smaller kids, I would be trying to ascertain their maximum capacity, their maximum heart rate, so we can plan for them and identify their talents, if it is for basketball or 100 metres sprint or distance running, just by using the equations.”

“Also, during the six weeks, we are going to do some explosive tests, to see how high they can jump or how far they can jump… Also they would be given some 30 metres tests and do the calculations for each ten metre interval; this will help in planning training sessions so that the athletes will be able to operate within their

range,” Williams, a former St Vincent and the Grenadines sprint athlete projected.

Williams said he has also been co-opted to the national senior male football team, to assist the players who are in their bio-mechanics training as they prepare for the Caribbean Cup in September.

He noted that with the footballers, he would be trying to capture their level of flexibility as well as identify the players’ weak muscles.

Meanwhile, head of the programme, Ian Sardine, stated that his academy has been able to morph with that of Team Athletics SVG’s Summerfest.

Sardine declared that apart from the track and field side of the programme, football has been incorporated during the afternoon sessions.

“Among the aims and objectives of the programme is to create an athlete data base; develop the motor skills relative to athletics and football,” Sardine outlined.

“One of our long term aspirations is to have 20 athletes within 10 years document their athletics life, to present to colleges and universities around the world,” Sardine proposed.

The cell, being conducted by System 3, is among others being carried out at various playing fields across St Vincent.

The young athletes will have an opportunity to test their skills at the National Kids In Athletics championships set for August 17.(RT)