June 20, 2014

Free World Cup viewing for cable subscribers

Viewing of the FIFA World Cup is now free of charge to all cable TV subscribers.

Intially, cable TV providers Columbus Communications offered customers desirous of viewing the matches a “World Cup” package at a cost of $30.{{more}}

However, on Wednesday of this week, Columbus decided to waive that fee after they ran into some difficulties.

When the company was contacted on Wednesday, one of the customer service agents said the company was having difficulties processing orders for the World Cup package on customers accounts.

“We were charging the customers $30. However, let’s say you call in to activate the service today, you were not getting it until like Friday. It was taking a lengthy period,” the male agent disclosed.

The agent further revealed that customers were “getting upset” concerning the matter, hence payment of the service was halted.

“We are doing it for free now and the customers who paid for the World Cup package before, that charge is being reversed to the account. The account will be credited of the $30,” the agent said.

While some rejoiced over the decision via Facebook, others expressed disgust, stating that they are upset that they had paid to view the World Cup from the inception.

SEARCHLIGHT had visited Columbus’ office on Bay Street on Saturday, June 14, at about 9 a.m. When we got there, we observed a long queue, extending from the cashiers to the main entrance door.

Some customers expressed dissatisfaction at the way Columbus conducted their business, stating that they should not pay an extra fee to view the football matches, when they are already paying for the sports package.

“All yo is some wicked set of people in here. I am not crazy. I’m just saying that this is not right what you all are doing,” said a lanky, middle-aged customer, as he stood in the middle of the floor speaking.

A woman also stated that there were no signs to indicate where persons must stand to pay their bills or apply for the World Cup package.

“In here is just a mess. People all over the place. They could do something better than this,” she stated.

In a press release, dated June 12, Christopher Gordon, country manager, St Vincent and the Grenadines, stated that Columbus secured an exclusive agreement with SportsMax to stream the 2014 FIFA World Cup games in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“For our existing Karib Cable customers who sign up for our ‘World Cup’ package you will have access to all 64 football matches by paying an additional cost of EC$30.00 VAT Inclusive for Residential customers and EC $300.00 VAT Inclusive for Commercial customers,” the release said.

The company noted that for these existing customers, the package will be sold on a per box basis and the games will be aired on channels 200 and 201.

According to the release, existing Karib Cable Video or new Flow Video customers (who are on Basic or Extended Basic packages) will also be able to stream World Cup matches FREE via the Internet through special access codes starting from Thursday, June 12, 2014. They will be able to watch matches “live” or OnDemand, via the SportsMax website, to replay your favourite moments over and over at your convenience.

The FIFA World Cup concludes on July 13, in Brazil.