June 17, 2014
Softball cricket to get attention of SVGCA

The mounting threat of softball cricket to the “hard ball” format, will get the attention of the new executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association (SVGCA).{{more}}

Expressing the desire to tackle the issue head on was president of the SVGCA Kishore Shallow, as he outlined the association’s plans recently.

Taking a different outlook on the issue, Shallow said:“I think that the previous executive was of the view that … it was a matter of competing with them, [but] we should not look at it at that aspect, probably best actually to find a solution incorporating softball cricket with hard ball cricket.”

Shallow, who served as assistant secretary from January 2013 to May of this year, before being voted in as president, following a no confidence motion against then president Julian Jack, proffered: “Probably we should run a national competition by bringing a tape ball competition.”

Shallow disclosed that he had spoken to persons who organize softball competitions across St Vincent and they plan to meet and agree on a unified approach towards a solution.

Over the years, several cricketers, inclusive of national players, have opted to participate in softball competitions instead of the national competitions under the aegis of the SVGCA.

Among the pull factors are the prize monies and other incentives offered to teams and individuals.

The winning prize for softball competitions ranges from $1,200 to $4,000.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Premier Division of the national cricket competition gets $1,500.

However, Shallow promised sincerely that his new executive will look into issue of prize monies and address it.

According to Shallow: “In this day and age you can’t have a team paying a registration fee of $1,200 and at the end of a five-months tournament, the first prize is $1,500 EC … I mean that is craziness … That is something that we have to address at the Premier Division level, at the First Division level and for female cricket as well.”

Shallow assured that come this November, when the SVGCA holds its award and prize-giving ceremony, there would be an increase in prize monies.

“That is a promise from this new executive,” he concluded.(RT)