June 3, 2014
Foul-mouthed umpire messes on national netball showdown

Local Netball had a shameful moment last Thursday night, as umpire Anthony Jack neither spared nor minced his words when he hurled expletives at patrons at the Kingstown Netball Centre.{{more}}

Jack, along with Moeth Gaymes, officiated in the title decider of Division One of the LIME 4G National Club Tournament, between arch-rivals Western Union Mitres and Vita Malt Maple.

Persons in earshot of Jack were stunned at his tirade of words.

“Don’t call my (expletive) name. None ah you call my (expletive) name,” was Jack’s way of responding to heckles which came from the stand, during the final quarter of the match.

Jack, who served as first vice-president to Godfrey Harry during the 2010 to 2012 term of the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, seemed unrepentant after his outburst, as he looked back accusingly at members of the crowd, even after his display of profanity.

“This is the fus time me ah come netball fo’ the year and hear the behaviour of that official dey…Them ah complain about players ill-discipline, but hear he… Da why netball carn go no way,” shouted a female patron, who frequents football matches, especially when Barrouallie is featured.

Jack’s outburst came at a time when the emotions were also running high on the court.

Mitres, on the night, chose to employ physical tactics, with their goal defence Delonie Sam being the chief architect.

This approach seemed to rile up the Maple players, even the sometimes emotionless Skiddy Francis-Crick, who was evidently not amused.

Mitres came into the encounter needing an outright win, as a draw would have handed Maple the title, as they had a superior goal differential.

The more youthful Mitres came out blazing, taking the game to Maple, and enjoyed a 10-8 lead at the end of the first quarter.

It was the same two-goal cushion at the end of the second quarter, as Mitres led 24-22.

The third quarter saw Maple slowing down the pace of the game and making some switches in personnel. Mitres’ counteraction was some robust play, and they upped their lead to three, ending the third quarter 37-34.

Mitres extended the lead in the last quarter, closing out the contest at 45-40, as the winded Maple outfit surrendered their hold on the title.

Gailene Gordon registered 33 of her 40 attempts for Mitres, with goal attack Shellisa Davis accounting for 12 of her 15.

The usually almost perfect Francis-Crick was off-colour on the night, sinking 31 of her 39 attempts; Thelma Foster converted five of her eight and Nicholette Snagg registered successfully four of her six tries.(RT)