May 30, 2014
Police seize tennis opportunities at Grassroot Tennis Club

A joint operation between the local constabulary and the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) will see several co-ordinators of police youth clubs learning the rudiments of tennis, which they will then pass on to youngsters.{{more}}

The initiative, which was hatched about three years ago, but never got off the ground, was formally launched last Monday at the GTC’s base – the Haddon Hotel courts at Murray Road.

“…We are training a few police officers on how to coach youngsters…We are going to undertake four or five courts in some areas…. We will erect the nets, line up the courts and it will be the duty of the officers who are trained to be in those areas on Saturday mornings… We will equip you with balls, racquets, baskets, everything you need,” GTC head, Grant Connell revealed.

Connell said that the whole move is to help rebuild the nexus between youths and the police in the various communities.

“It is crucial that we deal with the five-year-olds, the eight-years, the ones that we can bend still to rebuild a new St Vincent in the next 10 to 15 years,” the GTC headman added.

The six-week programme will see the co-ordinators trained three times per week, by head coach at the GTC, Trevor Sam.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, who was on hand at last Monday’s launch, fully endorsed the programme.

“We are on a drive to bring the nation’s youths on the right track…. What a wonderful thing it will be for the coordinators to impart the knowledge to these youths!” Charles said.

The COP noted that despite the delay in bringing the idea to fruition, the start was opportune, as “nothing happens before its time.”

The tennis programme will touch the 25 police youth clubs, which in total, boast over 1,000 members.

Since the GTC came into being in February 2010, several undertakings have been carried out to use the sport of tennis to effect change in youngsters’ lives.(RT)