May 27, 2014
Clinchers rule Division 3 in national netball

Dutch Lady Clinchers had it all their way in Division 3 of the LIME National Netball Club Tournament, as they defeated all comers en route to the league title.{{more}}

Clinchers sealed the deal last Thursday, keeping their unblemished record intact, stopping Netters in their track 40-27.

Netters took advantage of the absence of some of Clinchers’ key players in the first quarter, matching them stride for stride, as the first ten minutes ended 10-10.

But Clinchers, when reinforced in the second period, took charge and ended the quarter, 21-13 in the ascendancy, and moved to a 30-21 lead at the end of the third quarter, before closing off the contest, 40-27.

For Clinchers, Kadijah Williams, who many believe should be pitting her skills in a higher division, registered successfully 39 of her 41 attempts. Her goal attack Jasmara Samuel scored 1 of 4.

Netters’ goal shoot Carlene Douglas scored 18 of her 24, while Shanella Galley had 9 of her 11 attempts converted.

A smiling Perlina Thomas was gleeful at her team’s success.

“I had these girls from primary school, some of them at age eight and nine, and I am very happy for them today… Last year, we came second and now we are first,” Thomas told SEARCHLIGHT.

Looking to the division’s knockout phase, Thomas was equally optimistic.

“We want that too… We won it last year and will want to win it again,” Thomas projected. (RT)