March 7, 2014
Crystals do double take in Stubbs

CC’s Crystals crowned off a prosperous outing in the 2014 Courts South East Inc Netball Tournament by adding the knockout trophy to the league title.{{more}}

The double was completed last Sunday, when Crystals faced Aycees Nice Radio Clinchers in the final at the tournament venue, the Stubbs Primary School hard court.

It was all Crystals from the second quarter, after Clinchers trailed by one, 12-11, at the end of the first quarter.

But Crystals got into stride, to end the first half at 28-20 in the ascendancy.

It was all over, bar the shouting, as Clinchers provided little resistance when Crystals took the third quarter, 42-28, and closed off what turned out to be a no contest, 50-37.

For Crystals, Gailene Gordon poured in 48 of her 61 attempts and Coreen Yorke registered 2 of her 9 tries.

Clinchers needed all of four persons to realize their tally, with Danielle Spencer being the lead scorer with 17 out of 27; Arlette Francis scored 5 of 6, while Kenisha Francis successfully registered 6 of her 10 attempts and Kemesha Antoine scored 9 of her 19 tries.

Gailene Gordon was the Top Goal Shooter, registering 177 goals, with Stubbs Combined’s Ashiek George the Most Promising Player.

Both Gordon and George were also named their team’s Most Valuable Players.

The other Most Valuable Players awards were taken by Kelly Ann Hackshaw – New Era Pepper Stars; Perlita Slyvan – Clinchers; Rose Clair Hall – Combined Girls; Ashieka Peters – Eveready Future Stars; N’kalia Nanton – Stinger Girls; and Delonie Sam – Nar Fren Dem.

Apart from the cash prizes and trophies to the top finishers in the league competition, CC’s Crystals – 1st, Combined Girls – 2nd and Clinchers – 3rd, Crystals were the best attacking team and Combined Girls the best defensive outfit. They each received a case of drinks as their reward.