February 4, 2014
Team Crew takes alternative prize

The prospects of St Vincent and the Grenadines receiving a street football pitch have more or less evaporated.{{more}}

This, as Team Crew – the winners of the inaugural Caribbean Street Football finals, has opted for an alternative prize – a C licence football coaching course, recognised by CONCACAF and FIFA.

The eight players along with their manager/coach left St Vincent and the Grenadines last Sunday for Trinidad and Tobago, to embark on the five-day course, which entails aspects of football coaching, from drills and skills to nutrition and sports psychology.

The course takes place at the Haseley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad.

Initially, when Team Crew copped the top prize in Guyana in June, 2012, apart from their US$ 4,000 cash prize and a trophy – the team was also awarded a street football pitch, worth US$ 25,000.

However, Team Crew and by extension St Vincent and the Grenadines received the other awards minus the proposed street football pitch.

A gridlock was posted as a suitable piece which satisfied both Team Crew and central government could not be found.

Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie had offered a spot at Diamond, the proposed site of the National Stadium project.

Team Crew had countered that, and had suggested a piece of land at bottom Roseau in Sion Hill. The Sion Hill village hard court facility was also proposed as an alternative venue.

With the stalemate dragging on, members of Team Crew opted in principle last June with officials from the Guinness brand, to attend a coaching course instead.

These discussions took place here during the hosting of the 2013 regional final.

Team Crew is being represented by players Dwayne Dennie, Paul Farrell, Jumar Gilkes, Theon Gordon, Kumar Govia, Rohan Thomas Jr, Kirk Williams and Nicoli Williams, along with manager/coach Kenson Stoddard.

The moment of glory for Team Crew came on the night of June 23, 2012, at the National Tarmac in Guyana, when they defeated Back Circle Stallions of Guyana 2-0, with goals by Dennie and Gilkes (RT)