January 24, 2014
SEDI’s call gets immediate answer

Just 24 hours after Rosita Snagg, president of the South East Development Inc. expressed her disappointment that there was no representation from Stubbs in the 2013 SEDI Courts Netball Competition, Stubbs Combined entered the fray.{{more}}

Snagg, at last Sunday’s opening ceremony, held at the Stubbs Government School’s hard-court, bemoaned the absence of a team from the area.

Her concern was also registered by area representative Frederick Stevenson.

Their plea pricked the consciences of many of the netballers who reside in the community, and by Monday, Stubbs Combined was born.

Their entry filled a void, as one of the teams listed for participation, Netters Netball Club, opted out on Monday, citing the cost of transportation to get to the venue, as an infringement on the players, who are mainly students.

Completing the nine teams vying for title honours are CC’s Crystals, Combined Girls, Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem, Owia Stingers, Owia Trail Blazers, New Ear Pepper Stars, Eveready Future Stars and 2013 winners – Aycees Nice Radio Clinchers.

During last Sunday’s opening ceremony, Owia Trail Blazers was adjudged the best dressed team among those which participated in the march past of teams.

In the opening salvo, Clinchers completed a 32-25 defeat of Crystals to get their defence of the title on the road.

The 2014 competition is expected to be completed prior to the national club tournament which is set to shoot off in March.(RT)