January 17, 2014
Football affiliates mull over SVGFF’s constitution and operations

It may not be business as usual in relation to the eligibility of persons seeking to vote on decisions of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF).{{more}}

Moves are afoot by some affiliates to have parts of the constitution enforced and even amended. The concerns of the affiliates were articulated at last Saturday’s ordinary meeting, held at the federation’s office at Bentinck Square.

In the most laughable and absurd case, a member of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast- guard and a practising assistant referee here, had to seek permission from the supervisor of the election Cecil Charles to vote on behalf of that organization.

This, after a member of Avenues had indicated that he had permission to vote on behalf of the Coastguard.

That anomaly and looseness preempted a motion brought by Clemroy “Bert” Francois of GTM Prospect United, who beforehand had requested that the constitution be looked at, specifically Article XII.

Francois, who helped shape the constitution, is seeking to lock down the eligibility for voting, to avoid manipulation.

“All affiliates entitled to vote will always be financial and therefore reduce the risk of manipulation by persons paying up for dormant teams…. Dormant teams, clubs, and leagues cannot surface only at election times and impact on decisions that affect those actually involved in the game,” Francois’ proposal spelled out.

The issue of voting eligibility has been a topical debate, especially following the SVGFF’s 2007 elections.

At that elections there were 79 affiliates which cast their votes; however, many of the units present were either dormant or simply surfaced at the elections.

Then elected president Joseph Delves promised to clean the list, but this was not done.

History was to repeat itself in September 2011, when several football entities which had been inactive for some time, had their affiliation fees sourced and paid up, thus making them eligible to vote.

Francois is hoping to garner enough support to have his proposal looked at.

But president of the SVGFF Venold Coombs, in adding voice to the issue, said that a simple amendment will not do.

“Something as important as this requires a committee to deal with such matters as it relates to voting.. This is a serious thing with long-term significant consequences … So you need to have a committee dealing with this thing,” a pumped up Coombs opined.

Conversely, there was a call by some affiliates for a review of the entire constitution, to reflect the developments in the sport since the constitution was enacted.

Meanwhile, head of the Bequia Football Club and former national coach Kendale Mercury has called on the secretariat to improve its operations.

Mercury lambasted the secretariat for its tardiness in providing affiliates with pertinent documents just prior to the start of meetings, as well as its notification of the said meetings.

The constitution of the SVGFF dictates that the general secretary must give affiliates 21 days notice of meetings.

However, last Saturday’s meeting did not meet that requirement, as notice was served less than one week prior, while some affiliates complained that they were never informed electronically or otherwise by the SVGFF’s secretariat, but learned from other affiliates.(RT)