FA Cup added to national inter community league football championships
January 17, 2014

FA Cup added to national inter community league football championships

Teams participating in the 2014 national inter community league football championships now have added incentive to play and win more matches.{{more}}

Through a collaborative effort of the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) and Awesome Vibes Entertainment and Sports Agency, there will be an elimination competition, known as the FA Cup. The initiative is the brain child of former national player and founder of Awesome Vibes Entertainment and Sports Agency Renson Haynes.

Haynes, in outlining the format of the FA Cup, told SEARCHLIGHT that apart from wanting to give back to the sport, he believes that there is a strong support for football, but one just has to find ways of bringing people to the venue.

“It hurts me when I come back home and see the few persons attending the games…. I played school football and at the final, there were sometimes more than two, three thousand people at the park… We need to get that back and the inter league competition can surely do that,” Haynes advanced.

“Planning to twin football with some entertainment, Haynes revealed: “I am going to put systems in place and make the football more attractive to bring the people out… When we have the events, there will be half time entertainment from artistes.”

Haynes noted that the entertainment packages will be two-fold, thereby grabbing the attention of the party goers whom he believed would become attracted to the sport of football.

An upbeat Haynes said that the FA Cup could be blessed with the presence of an international figure, as he is currently in negotiation with two, but was not at liberty to disclose their identities.

“I am really excited about this. I am exploring the possibility of having some college scouts down here also, so they can get a see in of the young players on show,” Haynes said.

And, president of the SVGFF Venold Coombs is equally bubbly at the prospects of the FA Cup.

“As soon as Renson (Haynes ) came to talk to me about his ideas, I told him the executive will be in full support of such a venture… I wish there could be more people like Renson… Football needs that sort of partnership…,” Coombs noted.

The national inter community league football competition is set to commence next month.

Haynes anticipates that the FA Cup will kick off during the month of April, smack in the middle of the regular competition, with the latter taking a short break.

“I am ensuring that the players are paid; it will be an elimination competition with the top four teams getting $1,000 and the winner $4,000, so the winner actually gets $5,000…. Players needs that type of recognition,” Haynes stressed.

A former football scholarship recipient, Haynes said that the FA Cup is just one aspect of his overall plans, as he has in the pipeline plans to bring in top regional clubs to engage national representative outfits.(RT)