Play to win, SVGNA official tells netballers
January 7, 2014
Play to win, SVGNA official tells netballers

Netballers participating in the 2014 Marriaqua competition have been urged to play to win.{{more}}

Dispensing this advice was public relations officer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association Diane Questelles, who stood in for the association’s president Dellarice Duncan at last Saturday’s opening of the competition at the Richland Park Government School’s hard court.

Questelles questioned: “Why do you play every game so hard? Why do you come here looking so uniformed? It is to work hard, compete and, most importantly, win”.

Continuing her motivation to the players, Questelles noted: “Striving to win should be the motivating force behind every team… Set your sights on it… Feel it in your bones and (let) it become that driving power that causes you to become the most difficult situations… When you are behind and the end is not far off, it is that will to win that makes you concede fewer goals, that will to push yourselves beyond the limit of what you think you can do”.

Being practical, Questelles then addressed the other side of the fence, when the team does not win.

“What if you did not win? … Well, you would have learnt an important lesson in competing… You will not always win .. And whenever you do not, the cat of competing would have taught you well.”

Questelles told those present that it is important for them to be involved in competition, as “it helps to develop camaraderie … it drives you to work harder and harder to gain one thing – to win”.

The SVGNA’s PRO, however, urged the ladies that in their quest to win, they should be on their best behaviour.

“You never know who is watching you … It could be your future employer; it could be your future husband,” the SVGNA PRO counselled.

The Marriaqua Netball Competition is under the aegis of an organizing committee headed by Julia Matthews. When the competition opened last Saturday, the organisers were unable to give the number of teams that will participate in this year’s competition.

Present at the march past and opening ceremony were 3J’s Valley Strikers, RP Ballers, Nar Fren Dem, and Everready Future Stars.(RT)