KHSA hosts Christmas party
January 7, 2014
KHSA hosts Christmas party

The generosity of the holiday season continued on the evening of Saturday, December 21, with a Christmas party held for members and friends of the Kenville Horne Sports Academy.{{more}}

The Kenville Horne Sports Academy (KHSA), located in the North Leeward village of Rose Hall teaches football and cricket to at risk and disadvantaged youths in the community.

Over 50 children and adults turned out for the event, which sought to spread joy and reward the members of the academy and their parents. Among the activities were a singing and dancing competition, while they all lapped up the ornamental decorations.

Apart from the food, fun and frolicking, each child leaving the party took home a gift.

Additionally, the youths aged 15 years and older, were given graduation certificates and those parents who have shown support to their children and the academy were also rewarded with gifts.

Selwyn Patterson, president of the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organisation, gave a motivational speech to the youths. Patterson spoke on the importance of team work and respect, stating : “You must work together as a team to achieve your goals…You must also show respect to people and your team mate otherwise people would not respect you.”

Pointing to the decorations and gifts that were on display at the party, Patterson said “All this did not come easy, it takes hard work and good communication to get this kind of assistance, so when Horne (Kenville) is doing something, don’t just watch; get involved and learn from him.”

A community activist, Patterson, also commended Horne for the work he is doing with the youths, while encouraging them to learn from him (Horne), who concluded by wishing the children and the sponsors of the event a merry Christmas.

Organizer of the Christmas party Kenville Horne, said he wanted to motivate the children, and encourage them to keep away from a life that is not positive.

“I came from a rough background; it was not easy at all, but I know that if you give your best all the time, you can remove any obstacle that will come your way” said Horne, as he used his personal experience to convey the positive message.

“A Christmas party is supposed to make children happy in some cases; this may be the only Christmas that some of the kids that attend this event may have,” explained Horne.

The Christmas party was made possible by the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP), an organisation based in Germany, which seeks to preserve the endangered parrots of the world, including SVG’s national bird.

The mountains of Rose Hall serve as a habitat for the parrot; therefore Horne took the opportunity to encourage the children to preserve the environment and protect the creatures that live there, particularly the National Bird (Amazona Guildingii).

Horne implored: “Speak to your parents, practise the right thing; don’t go and destroy the trees in the mountain, where the parrots live, because you would not like anyone to destroy your home.”

Beside the assistance from ACTP, there was a donation from the St Vincent Brewery Limited.(RT)