Belair, South Rivers top primary schools’ skipping and street cricket festival
December 17, 2013
Belair, South Rivers top primary schools’ skipping and street cricket festival

The Belair Government and the South Rivers Primary schools rose to the top in the inaugural primary schools’ skipping competition and the street 20/20 cricket festival respectively.{{more}}

The two out performed their opponents when the finals of both competitions were staged last Friday at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex.

Belair was adjudged to be the best at the skipping (Jump rope for heart) segment of the final. The youngsters from the Belair Primary were adjudged to be better than the others in the categories of innovation, dexterity, rhythm and synchronisation.

Participants were required to display the skipping styles — basic, sled, side swing, two in a row, long-rope, straddle, single swing, double side swing, as well as single rope with two persons.

In the street 20/20 cricket final, South Rivers outplayed the Calder Government to win the first ever primary schools’ title.

Calder batted first and scored 41, which South Rivers topped.

This form of the sport sees six persons per team — four males and two females.

Except for the wicket keeper, the other five players are permitted to bowl an over.

When batting, the wicket keeper must bat first.

Also part of the rules governing this format is that any player hitting the ball out of the arena is given six runs, but he or she is “out” as well.

Additionally, the wides conceded are re-bowled, and a total of 20 balls must be bowled in the 10- minute period allotted.

The festival was organised by the Division of Sports and Physical Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The event was sponsored by the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency (CSDA), formerly known as the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE). (RT)