NOC/TASVG host Nine  Mornings Tug-O-War Festival
December 13, 2013
NOC/TASVG host Nine Mornings Tug-O-War Festival

Another activity of a competitive nature has been announced for this year’s Nine Mornings festivities, which run from December 16 to 24, with the morning of December 22, excluded.{{more}}

The National Olympic Committee and Team Athletics SVG have teamed up to stage a Tug-O-War festival, to be held in the vicinity of Famous Richies at Heritage Square.

According to the rules of the festival, each team will comprise eight members (four males and four females), but only six members (three males and three females) will be allowed to pull at any one time.

It has been stated by the organizers that while a contest is in progress, a team may replace individuals from within the registered eight members only, on the grounds of injury. The overall pull shall cover a distance of 10 feet and the winner is the team that pulls the opposition five feet from the starting mark.

Also each team’s anchorman would be allowed to loop the rope around one shoulder to secure it, but no knot is permitted on the end of the rope. Team members are also required to remain on their feet at all times during the pull.

The organizers warn that hands are not allowed to be persistently on the ground, with the exception of the anchorman who is permitted to use one hand on the ground.

Using the usual command of “Take your train and pull”, the winner of each contest will be the one to pull the opponent across the designated area in two best out of three pulls.

In the final, the winner will be determined out of five pulls.

And, it would not be just simply a fun event, as the top four teams will earn cash prizes and two cases of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages.

The winning team will receive $500; the second place $300, with the third place allocated $200 and the fourth place $100.

President of Team Athletics SVG Keith Joseph told SEARCHLIGHT that the Nine Mornings Tug- O-War Festival is a precursor for planned inter-village competitions and ultimately a national competition.

He revealed that there are plans in the pipeline to place emphasis on skipping and traditional games such as hopscotch, marble pitching and moral.

Joseph said he wants to see communities return to fun days, in which activities such as climbing the greasy pole can be shown to the younger generation.(RT)